Leonardo Bonucci spoke about the upcoming fixture against Barcelona:

“Compared to two years ago we lost some physical presence with the loss of Pogba and Vidal, but we have more quality. We also matured in how we play the ball.”

“I never watched back the final from 2015, same thing for the Euro cup quarter final against Germany.”

“As for Barca, Neymar has taken some important steps forward, Mascherano has two more years of experience and Rakitic has matured.”

“This time around things might go differently because we have a better defence than Barcelona. They’re a fantastic team, perhaps slightly worst than in 2015.”

“We both have great defences, but for me, ours is better. The field will end up revealing if this is how things stand”.

“After the draw, I received some insults: I was watching it in another room on a television, so I had anticipated access. I instantly said: “Lets go train, we drew Barcelona anyways”.