I admit. I’m writing this article with a pain in my stomach.

But let’s start with the the beginning:

On Wednesday night, the first reports started to emerge about Milan being presented with the opportunity to sign Bonucci.
The player’s agent Alessandro Lucci has been a regular to Milan  headquarters this summer.
At the time Juventus fans thought it might be because about a possible move of Cuadrado to Milan, seeing the signing of Douglas Costa and the interest in Keita and Bernardeschi.

But then all of a sudden HELL was unleashed, Bonucci to Milan, escalated rapidly and the negotiations took everybody’s breath away.

Juventus turned down Manchester City a year ago for Bonucci and Leonardo signed a new contract until 2021 which made him the second highest paid player at the club.

Juventus could have got €60-65m for him then.
They’re now selling him for €40m.

But this is not unusual for Juventus of letting a player like Bonucci go.
Two years ago, Pirlo, Carlos Tevez and Arturo Vidal.
Last year it was Paul Pogba and Alvaro Morata.
This year it’s Bonucci and Dani Alves.

Bonucci to Milan might become one of the game changers for the Serie A contenders.

Just like Pirlo to Juventus in 2011. With the “only” big difference that Milan hasn’t sold Andrea to Juventus but he was a free agent at the time of his transfer in Bianconero.

Fino alla Fine Forza Juventus!