Leonardo Bonucci during the summer market session of 2010 was bought by the new Juve of Marotta to the tune of 15 million euro, between money cash and ownership of various players. After an encouraging start the defender of Viterbo was slowly sinking into the abyss of increasingly negative performance, including gross errors and voltage drops. 

 Juve then during the next summer market, and in team with a player reborn as Barzagli, opts for the sale of the young central. But the risk of incurring a stratospheric loss is too strong and then we decide to stall waiting for a reasonable offer. Waiting that seems to be rewarded when from Russia the Zenit St. Petersburg of Spalletti is interested in him, impressively: Juve would be willing to sell him, in return for the role of Bruno Alves and economic adjustment in his favor; Zenit on the other hand agree on the sale of the Portuguese defender, but would like the economic adjustment was the team of Turin to recognize and not vice versa.

The agreement was not done and the deal jumps with Bonucci remaining to Turin to try and play his cards. But the boxes in the middle of the defense of Conte are occupied by Barzagli and Chiellini and to Leo remains to wait his turn in silence on the bench and waiting for his opportunity. Opportunity that comes thanks to De Ceglie, who can not engage in the new team of Conte, and that in the 5 th day, with AC Milan looming, he prefers to leave Paolino on the bench by inserting Bonucci in starting 11, resulting in decentralization of Chiellini on the wing.

 Leo will play a vigorous game, flawless and with excellent concentration, that will earn the applause of the fans and the confidence of the Conte decides to make him wear the stripes as a starter. Bonucci In fact, from that moment on, will play 5 games in a row from 1 ‘to 90’ minutes (even 6 matches if you include played in the national team against Serbia, even in that case with Barzagli and Chiellini simultaneously in the field) also achieving a goal against Fiorentina.

 Bonucci has never been a phenomenon, nor has never been a nag, but he simply was and is still a young player with good potential and with the confidence and the necessary calm can become a major player. This thing, Conte has understood.

 by:Gianluca Di Maria; adapted by: Mike Prise