In an interview for Sky before the Sunday game against Lazio, Leonardo Bonucci warns

“there’s no more time for mistakes”

“Lazio have grown so much in the last few months under Simone Inzaghi”

“I think though that Lazio’s secret is that they have 11 players on the pitch who are willing to sacrifice”

“For our part, we also have to be good on the counter. At Juve you’re not allowed to get it wrong for two games in a row. Anything more than that is not allowed.”

“What happened in Florence has to be a lesson to us that from here to the end we can’t make mistakes.”

“We’re no longer allowed to make mistakes, because a lot has been said in recent months and we’ve lost important games, but up until now there’s been time.”

“Now there’s no more time, and we can’t get it wrong.”

“This has to be the time that, yet again, Juventus prove to everyone that we’re the strongest team in Italy and that we can compete with anyone in Europe.”