Leonardo Bonucci in the mixed zone, talked about the yesterday game: “We have shown, excuse the term, to be a team with balls. We came from two games with Inter and Sampdoria where it was said that we had difficulties, our character was being criticized, we demonstrated against a strong team to have character and we have to work to continue to amaze. Juve who wins bothers, it does not seem appropriate to speak about these referee errors.
Last year we drew a game in Verona on a offside and no one has done all this mess. Juve who wins bothers when she wins and becomes unpleasant, when we arrived sevenths these controversies did not bother. We gave an important message, an important team, that knows his own strength, sometimes we lose humility and we fall into presumption, we did well.
Tonight we refreshed the mind of someone who has spoken too much. I did not make names and I do not mean someone longer present. I think that Juventus has proven to be the strongest of all. The 3 in 1 is clear. Different music in Europe where there are no such referee errors?

No, the difference is that we are in the second round of the Champions League and you are in Europa League. “