Leonardo Bonucci in an interview for UEFA.com has left some interesting words about the first leg of UCL Last 16, Porto – Juventus and has also described his coach Allegri:

Allegri has switched to an attacking 4-2-3-1 formation recently what does Bonucci feel about it?

“Allegri is a Coach who likes to talk, and he has a way of bringing out the best in each player through dialogue.”

“In certain moments though, he knows how to unleash that hunger, that anger and mental intensity which he’s repeatedly proved he has.”

“His way of understanding football is very clever, because he knows how to read the qualities of a squad and, as we’ve seen this year, work out the best way to put those qualities on the pitch.”

“Now we’ve found this formation which enhances our capabilities and allows us to play a more European style. The Coach deserves credit for finding this formula.”

What do you think about FC Porto?

“Maybe Porto aren’t a big team when compared to some others who finished second in the group, but there’s utmost respect from our side, they went through a difficult period earlier in the season but they’ve overcome it.

“We’ll face a team which can rely on interesting youngsters and who will take the field against us with the attitude that they have nothing to lose.”

“For that reason, it will take a truly great Juve to continue our European journey.”


“In these 20 years of his career, Gigi has shown himself to be unique, and those who come after him shouldn’t try to emulate him, but be themselves, because Buffon was and is the best goalkeeper in the history of football.”