At Juventus there is a problem, fortunately positive, Coman, Giovinco, but also the same Morata are waiting and had little playing time because Carlitos Tevez is playing too well. The Argentine has recorded his best start to a season ever and did not leave room for others. 614 minutes total, 8 goals in 7 appearances with an assist.

Performances as a leader of great depth from every point of view. The Argentine expects any call from his national team, but in the meantime, to guide the Juventus wins, he rests and trains in Vinovo and in a sense reduces the playing time of others. To date Allegri has deployed him almost always considered untouchable and he has not played only with Cesena.

On that occasion, Giovinco has done well but against this Tevez is difficult, if not impossible to compete.The talented Beinasco and with him also expects Kingsley Coman, phenomenal with Chievo, but now waiting for his moment. Same goes for Morata who, however, could also play as a central striker in place of Llorente and therefore has and will have more chances.

Allegri in the meantime enjoys the best Tevez, the others are waiting …

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