We started in 2008 with the delivered cannoli in Turin the first with Miccoli and then with some Michelidze, then, punctuated by the magic of Del Piero and the expulsion of Sissoko. There were 47 years that Palermo had not won in Turin. 

We continued the following year with the cannoli, on February 28th and this time signed Miccoli and Budan’s second goal was a true gift. The following year, again in September, the cannoli are 3, this time signed, Pastore, Ilicic and Bovo. And then we continued with the gifts at the return game signed by Miccoli and Migliaccio, thanks also to the contribution of Morganti. In short, it is some time ago that Juventus gets indigestion from SICILIAN cannoli. The last home victory dating back to 25.11.2007, Juventus-Palermo. 5-0, was played in November, the defeats were all in September, we hope that the cabal is with us. 

Moreover, it’s time to say stop and reverse. Sunday’s game, after 22 days when bianconeri played in random order, will tell us if the team is still that one of the game with prescriti or not. Surely the fans will still be warm and more angry after the decisions of the court of Naples, and after hearing the words of the Federation. We ask the fans to behave civilly and to vent their anger in positive cheering for the kids of Antonio Conte. It serves the twelfth man on the field and the challenge with Palermo will not be hard, but very hard.

source:tuttojuve.com by:Massimo Pavan

adapted by: Mike Prise