The mission Brazil is already underway for months, before there was talk of Rodholfo, but then the track has been slightly abandoned, but today we hear a important name, indeed important. 

We are talking about Ronaldo, the first one, so dear to Italy, especially Milan and prescriti, and maybe a little less friendly to Juventus: yes because now after he hung his shoes, the phenomenon, has created an agency which is president, who is representing the best Brazilian athletes. 

And here is the contact with Marotta and Paratici, Juventus wants Leandro Damiao, the champion of Internacional, who is making dream the land of Carnival and half of Europe also, seeing that all the big would suit him in their team. 

 The Old Lady follows him for a while and is negotiating the deal, the kid could be the top player so desired, is young and strong with a wide scope for growth, not to mention the fact that in Brazil is already an idol and with him you move sponsors and advertising campaigns. 

We only hope that Ronaldo and Beppe Marotta will be able to find the agreement of the year. 

source:canalejuve.itadapted by:Mike Prise