Juventus returns from Madrid with the desire to close for Gonzalo Higuain and the knowledge that will open the chest and get as close as possible to the € 30 million requested by Real Madrid. The Juventus leaders did not say no to the Real request , but took time, knowing that 30 million is too much, but 25 should be fine.

As we mentioned yesterday, Real has asked Arturo Vidal, player, however that Juventus believes unsellable at the express request of Antonio Conte, however, the possible preemption of a sell in a year or two. The proposal for an equal exchange, it is indecent and especially the Bianconeri can not reinforce in attack but uncover with the most universal player that they have in midfield.

In Turin there’s just no desire to weaken and at this point it’s up to the Real Madrid clear his head. Probably after the meeting with Arsene Wenger will know more. The leadership of Real should meet in the coming weeks British envoys. The English team, is the primary competitor of Juventus. If does not arrive a satisfactory proposal Higuain would become bianconero for lack of offers and mainly because the offer presented to the staff of the player convinced him.

source: tuttojuve