ROME, July 26, 2012 – A scarlet letter: “Conte, you have been referred.” Will be notified this morning at 8.30 at Juventus coach: yesterday was already packed in a box with hundreds of indictments. Palazzi had no pity: “the acts and the facts will speak” grumbled in the afternoon in via Po. The list shout out this morning, all requests will be made ​​public. Who trembled, now weeps or smiles. Conte must prove his innocence on August 2: reluctantly will be the guest at the trial. Will leave Beijing, the Super Cup with Napoli on 11 August, with an unfavorable judgment of first degree and immediately enforceable. 
CONTE – Will knock even at Juventus, the postman. Two blows to the current technician champion of Italy, also the company will be notified of the referral of Conte. For the facts of Siena, of course. After all, the Bianconeri have expected the demand. And yet the coach. That – with the help of his club or not – must now defend at next trial. 13 have not been sufficient testimony of his former friends in Tuscany and the 23 sworn, carried by his lawyers. This morning Captain Antonio will be also summoned by the Disciplinary Committee for August 2. There is a spectrum, of Conte will know against what charge must fight: failure of complaint or illicit. 
JUVENTUS – From prosecutor to the former Hostel of the Youth, Conte will fight to discredit Carobbio. He knows the “enemy” and he knows his fate – 67 of 83 previous rulings in the two degrees were issued so – is hanging on the “credibility” of the repentant. Yet Carobbio in Cremona, on two occasions, had not mentioned any “technical meeting”, excluding the combine – but there were over 162 calls and text messages from one tab Egyptian to Iliekski – Novara-Siena; but then confess all in May. Today, Conte will know what cost him the damned game and the one with the Albinoleffe. And finally will be informed even Juventus, which – although totally unrelated – risk of sinking into the vortex: in the cauldron of referrals might include Pepe and Bonucci for an alleged failure to complaint on Bari-Udinese. 

 source: Il Corriere dello Sport (by Alberto Abbate)

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