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Alessandro Del Piero alè! 

Alessandro Del Piero alè!

Unbelievable Video… UnFuckingBelievable!

Alessandro Del Piero, the captain, the Legend, the History of Juventus.

19 years, 703 appearances, 289 goals, won 8 championships.

This video goes over this long history: the beginning, interviews, goals, actions, bets, badges, cups, victories and defeats, the party badge 2012, the departure of Alessandro Del Piero.

about 200 movies reviewed. A research work and assembly last month.

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Alessandro Del Piero, the Captain, the Legend, Juventus FC greatest player ever.

Juventus in 19 years, 703 Presences, 289 goals (320 In His Career)

8 italan championships, 18 trophies, 4 times top goal scorer, world champion in 2006.

Alessandro Del Piero: His beginnings, interviews, goals, assists, skills, His last match and his last goal.