They are trying everything with me, but they don’t know I am made of Steel!
BOLOGNA – He had promised it to Conte, at the half time. The sending off. In the tunnel that brought back to the locker room, Bergonzi (the fourth man in Bologna-Juventus) had turned to the coach of Juventus and he said: “One more and I kick him out.” 

The opportunity arose during the penalty demanded by Juventus for the foul of Pulzetti on De Ceglie . Conte was furious and turned to his bench, shook his head and shouted: “can not be, can not be.” 

At that point Bergonzi has called attention of the referee that he sent off. In the television pictures is clearly seen Conte screaming at Bergonzi: “I did not say anything to you, I have not said anything to you,” because actually he had said nothing addressed to the referee or assistants. 

Shortly after, addressed to the collaborator of Conte, Stellini, would have almost justify himself Bergonzi said: “You’ve also seen what he did? … He was too dramatic.” 

At that point there was some confusion between Juventus bench and field: Conte gave instructions to a messenger who from the tunnel carried to Angelo Alessio who in turn informed the players. 

But it took a few minutes because Vidal understood that had to move back to central defense after the expulsion of Bonucci

adapted by: Mike Prise