Yes, I am proud of myself, I have kicked M***A’s ass
“BELIEVE IT UNTIL THE END”: a slogan, or simply the words of Didier Deschamps at the end of M***A-Marseille, talking to TV broadcaster and a former teammate, who knows well the juventinità. Needless to stand here and tell about how Juventino Didier Deschamps is and than how much Antonio Conte is. Surely those who watched them play together will have in mind the anger, the strength and determination that both put in the field. 

That desire to never stop and always demonstrate that they can overcome the limitations and obstacles and try to win, believing until the end, just as it did in Athens Antonio Conte with that goal to Olympiakos, a symptom of passion and anger. A little luck never hurts, as that received by Marseille on Tuesday night, but that alone is not enough. 

Didier Deschamps to the precise question has reminded us of something who already all Juventus fans know and Antonio Conte knows by heart: Juventus emerged as dogma in the DNA the characteristic that no challenge is the mountain and is never too high not try to reach it. The mountain that from Saturday the players will face is called the run-up to AC Milan and inevitably is harsh and difficult, given the strength of opponents and four points behind.  

Common sense and history, however say it’s worth a try, worth not giving up and groped until the last match to get closer to the Rossoneri. “You should also Believe it until the end”, so says the history of Juventus, so says the juventinità

adapted by: Mike Prise