I asked myself a question and I got an answer, more than one, all wrong.
Why is Chiellini, against any kind of opponent, in any context, almost always, closing his games with a significantly higher amount of touches than almost all other teammates with the exception only of Pirlo and/ or last Verratti seen in the national team?

In short, it’s like trying to answer a question that in many have had, those who follow the match with the sensitivity of the theoretical logic, who are wondering if there is a specific reason why it should necessarily pass the ball from the feet of a football player however, that does not make from technique his strength, and those who are still trying to explain football matches through the statistical framework that comes out in the end.

The first answer that I gave myself is wrong. Chiellini touches many balls because, for example in Juventus, the game’s construction rests more naturally by the parties Asamoah (the data also refers to previous seasons) rather than from Lichtsteiner. For characteristics, we say. And it is not, so much so that the flow of the Juventus game (even more so with Allegri) have a good balance in the computation of the balls carried forward through the development on the side lines. Of the intermediates better not to even mention, having turned all potential holders between center-right and center-left. There is therefore no question of the dynamic of the field. I am convinced.

The second is even worse, and I almost convinced myself. That is, in the preparation of the match the opponent in turn, as it works the defensive possession of the 3-5-2, trying to move their pressure in order to bring the ball to Chiellini rather than by his two other companions of department. Because, no one knows why (we’re all victim of clichés, perhaps?) Chiellini would mistaken more in developing the game than others. A false belief, and if you don’t believe me go yourselves to take the numbers, as the percentage of successful supports is among the highest in the whole Serie A (many, for charity, in safety), and that also in recent times ventured far fewer launches (which are not really his thing).

The correct answer is another one and I don’t think I have self-convinced myself: Chiellini, net of the fact that he is a grim defender, solid, personality, brave and anything else (reasons why he is loved except the percentage of physiological detractors) is one of those who never holds back. That is he makes himself available especially since it was learned the lesson of Conte where the ball into feet, does not burn it, it is proposed, does not hide, accepts responsibility, in practice wants to be in the middle of the game. Protagonist in his own way. Because it is not always time for goals or tackles. The game somehow needs to be built, and with this Juventus, post Del Neri, to be at the center of everything it means to be Juve. A Concept not trivial for a vice-captain.

adapted in english an article of Luca Momblano from Juventibus.com

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