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TURIN, Feb. 23, 2012 – Andrea Barzagli, Juve also works because it’s very Italian? 
“It may be one of the reasons: our football has an environment, a culture and a mentality that it is better to know well. An Italian base is important but not necessary, given that there are those who also won with eleven foreigners. ” 

You feel victimized by abroad-philia, since he had to emigrate? 
“There is nothing wrong to go abroad if the best seats are occupied by established foreigners. But it is true that it is difficult to interest the big teams: the case of Di Natale is emblematic. When I was in Palermo I was hoping A BIG was looking but there were no bids, so I agreed to go to Wolfsburg. At that time it looked rarely the players who were in the house. ” 

You have learned German well, right?
“Not really. In Wolfsburg, there are ten thousand Italians, and this got me. ”  

Why those who emigrate can not wait to come back? 
“It’s hard to leave Italy and Italian football. In Germany, to eat a decent plate of pasta I had to cook it. And then you miss the stress in the long run, the end is all too flat, there is less tension, less passion. ” 

Practically, you are missing the same you try to escape? 
“Much depends on how you fit in the city, in the team. When I was in Palermo, was the first to blame the mates who did not speak Italian, but in Wolfsburg I fell in that mistake. For this the Germans have always seen me as a foreigner. ” 

Is it possible that this difficulty to adapt is one of the causes of the crisis of Italian football? 
“Yes, it may be, it is our limit. We are struggling to integrate into a group that thinks differently, which sees differently. An Italian emigrates for money and for this the native players do not look at you very well: you already do not know the language, you are paid more than others, makes sense that there is some preconception, because they know how are we made. At Wolfsburg I could also arrive on time for appointments, but because for them being on time means arriving five minutes before, every time I spread out my arms and I said, eh, Italians … “. 

If you missed the stress, it is enough that of the last ten days? 
“I have been very successful, but since I got here I feel the weight of this shirt. Pressure is the result of the vision and expectations. ” 

Sincerely: Juventus is a victim of the referees? 
“I’ve never seen anything that made ​​me think evil. Sure, it’s strange that we have only have a penalty in favor even if we attack so much. ” 

Can you explain how you’ve transformed from the banda hole to best defense in the league? 
“It is not a common place: the department it makes the team. If the goalkeeper saves everything, the strikers press upon and the midfield cover you are already well advanced. This year we are all much more aggressive, and then we are not weak if we are all in the national team. ” 

You know that for grade average, you are the best defender in the league? 
“I know by myself what I’m doing: I’m playing well, I feel safe.” 

To convince Prandelli you were bound to return to Italy?
“About a defender abroad do not talk about. I lost visibility, and with that the national team. I knew that, coming back, I should get back in the game, starting from scratch, start as a reserve. ” 

Was there ever any Federal observer at Wolfsburg? 
“No, never. Yet the first year, when we won the championship,I had been one of the best. But I was not wrong to go to Germany, I’d do it even though I had many doubts, even the day I arrived there. To go back, I had to wait for my price should fall. ” 

You have won a lot, from what you understood that Juve is ready to win? “From hungry faces that I see , even those who have a long palmares. Last year, there has never been this evil. “

Allegri is right to say that, giving AC Milan is the favorite, you underestimate your strength? 
“No. If we say that Milan is favorite is because we look at his players, their curriculum. This is not diminishing, but be objective. Who would not say that Milan is stronger? “.

And Thiago Silva is the best defender? 
“Without a doubt, and I am very far from him. He has everything you need. As Nesta, who remains one of my favorites. ” 

Do you want Ibrahimovic in field or not? 
“Whether or not will, it changes for Milan, not for us. With Ibra are more predictable, even if he is unpredictable. Without Ibra is more movement, lack of reference points. Let’s see. ” 

Would it be right that he is? 
“There is a regulation. Paper sings. ” 
source: La Repubblica by: Emanuele Gamba 
adapted by: Mike Prise