matri+roma.jpgSome negotiations of the market can reserve twists and unexpected sudden changes. If Carlitos Tevez last week looked in the direction of Milan, now is back halfway because what could have seem something of a strong action on market of Adriano Galliani would instead be a simple and resounding bluff to force Juventus to lower the price of the real objective: Alessandro Matri.

THE SITUATION: Milan currently has in rose Balotelli, El Shaarawy, Niang, Robinho, Pazzini. On paper the owners would be the first two with Niang young and emerging and Pazzini, currently in the pits. Considering the imminent departure of Robinho and with attention to budget the operation Tevez for the Rossoneri becomes risky, while the acquisition of another kind of bomber and with minor costs would be most suitable.

MATRI-MONIO? (Marriage)? The name congenial is Alessandro Matri, in Allegri desires perfect vice Pazzini but also vice El Shaarawy or possible Balotelli companion. A player who is liked by Allegri, always has been, a player that of wage would cost less than half of Tevez.

DEVIL’S BLUFF: here then enters the idea of bluffing, helped by his friendship with the Tevez’s agent. In theory, the mutual benefit would be at the expense of Juventus. In practice Tevez with the fictitious interest of AC Milan would try to get a better contract, Juventus should accelerate on the Argentine, spend more resources and in a sense it would be forced to yield to Milan, Matri, perhaps on the Rossoneri conditions.

AND JUVE? Juventus does not participate in auctions. At the risk of losing the game will continue with their strategy. The best solution: move quickly minimizing the talk and be careful because a possible transfer to AC Milan of Matri perhaps could do more damage than passing of Apache to the Rossoneri.

by: Massimo Pavan