Do not think at evil things, will not talk about anything compromising or may extol violence. With this sentence the gladiator/commander Massimo used to praise his legionaries and push them to win, often organizing the battle from a distance. 
What happened yesterday, unless than sensational twists will lead our captain Antonio Conte, to live far from the trenches, forced to use signals and loading up the team before each game. Injustice, which is obvious, but unfortunately there is nothing left to do but start thinking that you have to live with this injustice, slowly trying to find standard solutions and effective. 
We would like to stay close to Mr. Conte even more, because he is  the Bianconero commander, one and only appropriate to stay on the bench. The absence of Conte must be compensated by the players, starting from Beijing: 
“At my signal unleash hell.” This will be the command, this will be the anthem, this will be the sole desire of all. We will need everybody, but we are completely ready, waiting for an assessment next week, which seems to be already written, we are ready to unleash hell.

 source:; by: Massimo Pavan

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