From this transfer market, summer session, we get different sensations. The first is that the club apart from the “ridiculous” Ziegler case has followed the coach. Have arrived so many wingers just as Conte wanted and, has raised the quality and there is objectively an improvement in all areas of the field … except … except the central defense, which has remained the same as last season.

To Chiellini, Barzagli and Bonucci to them the task of proving to live up as well and with De Ceglie, Ziegler if he will stay (hopefully avoiding the sad fact that you call Grosso), Motta and the new Lichtsteiner. In short, the defense will have to be redeemed after the humiliating pictures of last season. The second positive feeling comes from the fact that you have avoided the unwise purchases to make up the numbers recorded last season. So no new Rinaudo, no Traore case .

This we fortunately avoided and something you’ve learned. From here until January, the 3rd of (reopening of lists), there are exactly 16 rounds, many, perhaps too much to be optimistic. The hope is that in next months Marotta works hard to find a strong defender of the conditions that he considers adequate to reinforce a defense that will hopefully be more reliable than last season.

adapted by: Mike Prise