The question that all the fans have after Cagliari is simple: Is Arturo Vidal back? It would seem so, because the player seen in Sardinia seems very different from that seen with Sampdoria. The goal against Cagliari is just the icing on the cake after a good performance, as leader. It could be the viaticum to a great performance in Super Monday, this are hoping the fans and especially it wishes Massimiliano Allegri, the coach who has incited Vidal from the beginning of the season, from the first day in which arrived in training camp.

Allegri knows that Vidal is a unique player who can give a lot to the cause Juventus and absolutely make the difference. The hope his and of everyone is that can be decisive in the Super Cup, and as happened in the past editions in which Arturo has always unsheathed the sword to guide companions. Allegri is now convinced:

“I think that Vidal is growing, tonight made a good game under the physical level, grew even compared to previous games. He made a great goal and he’s got that. I think that for him the second half of the season will be definitely better. Also because let us not forget that he comes from a world cup, was operated the knee, an injury in the National team, so to find the condition he needed time. “

Second half of the season better than the first? Not not Allegri’s hope, but of all Juventus fans.

source tuttojuve