It ‘s a question that is often repeated in the intense moments of the transfer market, the question of “appeal” of Juventus that there was lost.

Unfortunately, those who play great football at levels not think like those who often write or say maybe a little recklessly that the appeal of juventus is gone.

America’s Cup will begin soon and Arturo Vidal, hot name of the summer transfer market, he talked about his future, interviewed by Corriere dello Sport:

 “I’m waiting news from my agent. I have not heard anyone so far. At this moment my thoughts turned to drive America’s Cup which is about to begin. We have grown. Bayern Monaco, Arsenal, Juventus and Napoli are great clubs, world class. But I will not forget who’s Bayer Leverkusen and therefore I have respect for them that they were the first to believe in me and with whom I have another year of the contract. But I’m proud to interest these clubs. Germany, Italy, England and Spain are the major leagues in the world. “

Bundesliga : Portrait d’Arturo Vidal (Leverkusen) by orangesportfr 

The midfielder then focused on other reasons that make him excited about the interest of all these teams for him: 

“Napoli is a great club, great ascent, which will participate in next season’s Champions League  and has fought for the title until the last rounds last season. So has all the features. Juve is also known for its prestige and her history. “

 One thing is certain: Vidal has studied the history course.