This is the full press conference, translated from
MAROTTA: “Good afternoon to all and thanks for having joined our invitation, do welcome all and Antonio Conte. A presentation of major importance. Conte had left Juventus after wearing the captain’s armband and especially having won so much. These victories are not obtained by chance, but especially if you have certain characteristics and human quality. These characteristics have ensured that the quorum be checked.  We wish him a future rich of satisfaction from a large suction, that through him we can write important history pages, and we are confident that after doing so as player he can even do it as a coach”
CONTE: “Good evening to all, for me is a return to home, I do it after seven years, I do it as coach, was something I had always dreamed of. I would like to thank the company for having thought to myself. “
You come with the label as a fundamentalist from the tactical point of view, is that true? 
CONTE: I think to be fundamentalist on the point of view of the game. The numbers come and go, the game is essential, there are principles and ideas that evolve from year to year through new experiences
Observing from outside Juve in these last two seasons, the difficult task will be to recreate the DNA bianconero, this is the main goal?
CONTE: The main objective is that, it tells the story of Juve. Through the right attitude, the culture of work, we must bring Juve where she deserves.
Returning to your football principles, what you do in midfield? The situation of Marchisio did discuss, along with Pirlo can find room in your idea of football? 
CONTE: The big players are always with me. We are talking about two big national players by Pirlo geometries, the charism, is a winner. There are two players with a great character, I am delighted to have them available
MAROTTA. Marchisio is a major player in addition to being a professional is Juventino inside, what we read is only journalistic fantasy evidently mister Conte is able to make the best of the quality available
Before your name there have been made others. When came the first phone call? 

 CONTE: It is not important as it starts, but as it gets. And in this case I came first. The Director called me at the right time, there is no precise date. 
You’ve already heard Buffon and Alessandro Del Piero? You can tell us something about the staff who will follow you in Torino? 
 CONTE: I haven’t heard anyone until yesterday evening I felt a coach of Siena. Del Piero and Buffon know juventinità, know what it means to win and what can be done for winning. I expect they don’t mess a thing, on the communication. The staff is under construction. We are the latest yards, with the Director there is harmony on the whole, we are setting up a strong staff
With the Director, after the presentation we will talk about transfermarket in depth, with tune and with the desire to create something important in my game idea …

Can you  tell us  the identity of your ideal player? Many names have been made, to Beppe I wonder if there is a  starting grid
CONTE: I think that my question should be addressed to the Director that operates on the transfermarket, it is he who work physically and try to meet the preference.
MAROTTA: After our meeting with Nedved and Paratici, will analyze the tactical

understandings of Conte and we will do all the best to content him, trying to raise the quality level of the group. Giving names is premature, there are many difficulties, many objectives are difficult, also because there is no consensus with the other clubs. We will work in harmony and are going to find players who make it to his case It’s better to spend 45-60 million for a single player, or spend more contained figures for more players? 

 CONTE: The best thing is to spend in the right way. It is not said that spending 45-60 million would give a better result of spending 15 for more players. We have to spend good The team needs a re-foundation or not? 

 CONTE:I like that my team has the ball. We need to make the game and try to transmit it to the team. There are many principle at which I am faithful, I want a short team, win the ball quickly and I don’t like that the my team is running back. Everybody keep their ideas, not more imbalance. The right mindset is to make the game each time.  The team has a good base, I rely on desire and on the ransom by those who will be part of Juventus next year, there is already an important basis, there is only to adjust and give great motivation, great desire of a group that has a good base if you ask me!
How many players for your idea of soccer missing? What do you think of the Stadium and the new center?
CONTE:I haven’t had the pleasure and good fortune to have these things. It’s the maximum you have all these structures, there is everything to do well and to program something important. I will talk with the Director of the missing elements, I don’t have a precise answer.

Juve has burned so many coaches. What can you do not to end up in this cauldron? 
CONTE: I look to the present and the future. I decided to accept immediately because I believe there are grounds for doing big things, starting from the company and all employees of Juve. All the people that did well in football, now it’s up to me and this is the most important thing. I have earned it, now I’m having strong  people alongside who believe in me, and I am confident of doing big things, I’m not interested in the past. Have you got guarantees from the point of view of investments or you have accepted anyway?

CONTE:Everyone knows that I love the fans and this team, if there were important bases, I would not have agreed with all the good that I want for this team. It is clear this situation, I’m not going to go, I am convinced that we can do great things. The fact that society has thought of me gives me great stimuli, we all know where Juve belongs in football 

What can you answer to skepticals? 
CONTE:Now it’s up to me. I always say one sentence: time is the gentleman about everything, and those who work are always right, and time will be the gentleman for skeptics.