“We have passed the first intended step: to restore dignity to the black-white fans who can now hold their head up: now I want continuity .. then to win something If I have already spoken of my renewal? that the end is a piece of paper and is just the passion that can keep me still at Juventus. Agnelli, the relationship with the president is great, he understands a lot of calcio and often we meet. If we had not started working on the 4-2-4 now we will not do well the 4-3-3 because 4-2-4 system is the most difficult game. I don’t know how much weight I lose during a game but sometimes I get cramps because nervous tension and I find my voice just two days after the game .. 
My players will only rest at the showers: Training should be hard work not fun and messing around. Buffon is back to being the world’s number one: I’m happy for him but especially for Juve.Del Piero? for me he is a certainty, he loves Juventus and you can not argue, for the rest we live the present. Krasic? is polite and shy and with him I have feeling but we play with 10 men behind the line of the ball and Milos needs large spaces. Elia? It takes patience .. in my first year at Juve I was in a coma .. this shirt weighs, give him time: will and commitment there is. 
The transfermarket in January? I do not do names, I say that if there is a chance to improve we do operations otherwise buying only the quantity makes no sense. ” 

source: tuttosport
adapted by: Mike Prise