Interview originally published on MYJUVENTUS.NET on June 2, 2011.

1) How many Scudetti  has Juventus?

CONTE:Quick answer: 29. 5 have my name also written on them.

2) What idea you have made about Calciopoli?
CONTEWho like me had possibility to know the Director knows how much he liked to gossip. He is a loudmouth. But what it is emerged from the interceptions are simply “bullshit”, excuse the term. Absolutely are gossip at the bar. There is the psychological subjection and that will be always for all the Teams. But if from the phone interceptions has been decided to revoke 2 Scudetti, then they should revoke all the Scudetti of the last 50 years, minimum.

3) Why Moratti, even investing monstrous sums, was not successful to win scudetto on the field?
CONTE:Because Juventus and Milan have been clearly better then him in all. Now after the chaos, inter has to thank Juve, which has reinforced them and I think that for years will be the team to beat.

4) How much annoyance has given you  the doping accusations received by Juventus?
CONTE:It is a already a overtalked speech and talked again. They have tried us. They have defamed us on the smoke. Not there was nothing. This history however has opened my eyes. It has made to think me of what all those innocents in jail for errors are feeling. You can go crazy if you think. Hard trainings, joys, pains: all put in question by the human envy. Believe me it is absolutely not beautiful.

5) Which is the best player that you had  as a colleague and which like adversary? 

CONTE: Zinedine Zidane as a colleague. Diego Armando Maradona as adversary. Without a doubt the 2 are the strongest players of last the 20 years.

6) What do you think about the new leadership of Juventus?
CONTE:It is new. At their beginnings. We must give them time. They have good intentions. And then on the Juventinità of Lapo and John Elkann I can guarantee. They have the bianconero blood. I have seen this boys growing up with us.

7) What serves to put into effect in order that Juve returns a Big?
CONTE:We do not want to deceive tifosi. It will not be easy. The decisions of this summer have destroyed one of the stronger Teams that soccer has ever seen.

8) The game that has made you dream and gave you more emotion?
CONTE:And you ask me? Without a doubt the UCL final, Juventus-Ajax in 1996.

9) Your most beautiful goal?
CONTE:That one in half turned upside down at Cervone against Brescia. Every time I see it again I am astonished of how beautiful it is.

10) Your greatest joy as a football player?
CONTE:To have been able to play at great levels for 13 years in the most important Team of the world.
11) The ugliest moment of your football career?
CONTE:Injuries as a part and, when I have decided to stop playing. I still had force in order to continue. But playing football without Juve didn’t interest me.

12) Do you think that Deschamps will be able to reconstruct a great group like what Marcello Lippi has done with you?
I don’t know. The great job Didier will have to do it will be next year. This year the Juve team is too much stronger regarding the adversaries for being able to judge. However Deschamps has begun very well and it was not easy. Absolutely.

13) What had so special that imbattibile Juventus in Italy and Europe?
CONTE:Hunger, anger, determination and humility.

14) What it is to say of being Juventini and to play in Juventus?
CONTE:The maximum. It is all. In the same period in which I was contacted by Juventus in parallel I had also a better offer from Rome. I haven’t thought not even a second. To play in Juve. What other to wish for?

15) According to you is imaginable a Juve with a different owner other then the Agnelli family? 

CONTE:No. Never. 

16) Have you ever made an idea on what makes born the feeling of envy of the other teams regarding Juve?
CONTE:To be winning will always correspond to be unpleasant. And Juve is the team with more succes. This comes in my mind that saying: “many enemies, much honor”

17) You alone have been victim of a case of crazy envy, when anti-juventini made to turn voices of a serious disease caused by the doping. What have you felt in those moments?
CONTE:Crazy. I was astonishment. I came to Rome and the they watched me like I was a Martian. They asked me: ” But Mr. Conte are you dying? The radio says this….”. That badness has marked me. If I wasn’t tough psychologically like I have been, one can remain crushed under the weight of these accusations. Incredible envy. I augur to nobody to find himself in a similar case.

18) A message for Juventini Tifosi .
CONTE:I send you all my best wishes. And I am proud of you. Up to the face of those which they said that the tifosi juventini cheer only because they always win. You have demonstrated to all what really means to be bianconeri. In the misfortune, you have demonstrated your attachment. The difficulties, instead of getting you away from Juve, have cemented your relationship towards her. You have won once again. I augur you to return soon to be envied.

19) Who has disappointed you more on this summer departures?
CONTE:I watch in particular nobody. I give a council to all the tifosi to do this. Do not bound to the players, bound to the Colors they wear. Vieira, Ibrahimovic are professionals players who go where they are guaranteed the demanded salary and the competitiveness that they want. If still you must bound  to the players, do it with Piero, or Conte. Those which in difficulties never would abandon the boat that sinks. The love must be earned with the attachment to the Colors. Don’t  let you be bought by some excellent technical plays.

20) Make a question and give an answer.
CONTE:Question: From what is born the badness of some personages of the Magistracy regarding Juve? And in particular all this hatred of Guariniello, from what is born?
Answer: I do not know.

21) Football is now more cleaned up?
CONTE:Of what? More cleaned up of what? I am close to laugh, I don’t add anything.

22) In your future as a manager do you see yourself on the JUVENTUS bench?
My objective is that one. I say without middle terms. I am convinced to be a predestined one. That bench will be mine.

23) What do you think about a weekly newspaper magazine entire dedicated to a Team?
CONTE:I believe that is a beautiful thing because it allows to the tifosso to be near his team of the heart.

24) In whom of the current players Antonio Conte sees himself?
CONTE: Perrotta. It was a serious error to let him go from our part.

25) Can you tell us an anecdote from the dressing room when you played at Juventus
CONTE:It was a period in which Mister Marcello it made me playing as a right midfileder, role that I did not appreciate too much. I was interviewed in those days and evidently journalist was smart to extrapolate my light grouch. You know how newspapers do. The day after the title was: “CONTE: I WIN BUT I DO NOT ENJOY MYSELF”.
Successively, to my entry in the dressing rooms, I had attached to my locker this message:
Can you imagine what provoked in me that phrase written from that Know-nothing Angelo? (Know-nothing also writen, a lot in it’s affectionate sense). Still until today when I meet DI LIVIO I joke with him about that.

26) What player/s you advise Juventus to buy for the next transfer campaign?
CONTE:I say that 1-2 players won’t be enough. They need at least 6 and of optimal level. 2 for department.

27)What do you think about the Italian sport journalists? They endure conditionings from the strong powers?
They are of a good level but some of them are strongly conditioned.

28) It helps to make career for the journalists to be anti-juventino, to attack Juve and to make moviole against Juve?
CONTE:This I don’t know. I hope not. But I know, for direct experience, than in some “shouted” transmissions, they agree before who and how to atack Juve. These transmissions are absolutely a farce. Where the roles are decided previously at the small table. Where all have understood that attacking Juventus will always get audience. I don’t add other. I think I said enough to be understood.

29) Heart, grintà, humility. You know that for all the bianconeri tifosi, you will be always “the captain”. Do you have any idea of how much the tifosi juventini want you well?
CONTE:Yes, is because of this I am fierce and proud. All still greet me as their “captain”. This is because in field I have always given everything. Lungs, legs, neck, back. The affection of juventini people towards myself is my biggest WIN.

Interview for Magazine Bianconero taken by Stefano Discreti
adapted by: Mike Prise