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The feeling of the post match with inter is a mix of anger, confusion and regret for what happened.

ANGER – the anger comes from the mistakes made in the second half, again avoidable mistakes and once again got goals in the same goal of the challenges of Torino and Sampdoria. The feeling is that the team declines dramatically on attention.

CONFUSION – the confusion comes from the break and frost fallen after the conceded goal, as with Napoli, as with Sampdoria, the team loses clarity and makes banal mistakes, why concede a goal on the counterattack if you are in the lead? Why give away balls to the opponents for haste and lack of tranquility, why get caught by the nervousness when you are much stronger?

REGRET – regret concerns the large amount of wasted opportunities, possible not finish off in the first fraction so much? Possible concede a goal at first shot at goal?

The problem of concreteness already exists early in the season returns with attendance and punctuality. We must seriously think about how to solve it or the victories and trophies will remain a happy memory.

adapted by Mike an article of Massimo Pavan @tuttojuve

There might be a solution to all of this (keeping in mind that we can still joke about certain things):
Just like in the comedy “Analyze This” I would suggest that all Juventus players should go to see a Shrink ! Simple like that!

The results would be amazing after they come back, Imagine how Morata or Pereyra could change