Welcoming Andrea Pirlo in this historic moment and in a team like the current Juventus is an issue, because this is the first Champion (with the appropriate proportions) in Turin in the post Farsopoli period. It would be simplistic to also do a dry list of statistics for a player who can claim to have dressed all three shirts of the “big” Italian, to have won everything a player can win, but that, beyond Palmares, was a true symbol of Italy football for the last 10 years.

So let us quickly retrace his career. Andrea Pirlo was born in Brescia on May 19, 1979 and with the shirt of rondinelle has debuted very young in Serie A during a Reggiana-Brescia in the 1994-1995 season. Playmaker very technical, great game viewing and excellent set-pieces taker, in the 1997-98 season collects 29 appearances in A and scored 4 goals, failing, however, with his comrades to save Brescia from relegation. But his performance earned him the call of inter, who was still crying for the “penalty to Ronaldo”, but at inter he can not find space.

Indeed when you have Cauet, Ze Elias and Winter what do you do with Pirlo? And so the next year goes on loan to Reggina newly promoted in A and plays a very good season with 28 appearances and 6 goals, giving together with his companions (Baron and Kallon above all) the salvation, unexpected early in the season, to the team from Calabria. In the summer back goes to inter, where, however, collects only eight appearances until January 2001. This time had come Vampeta, Farinos and Brocchi.

And the amazing thing is that they still believe that they did not win because of Moggi. The second part of the season goes on loan to Brescia, where he collects 10 appearances before joining the most sensational exchange of players (just like Cannavaro-Carini) that the history of milan football memories (apart from those of boys of 16 years estimated tens of millions to “fix” the shattered budgets): Pirlo and Seedorf to milan in exchange for Coco and Guglielminpietro to the “honest” ones. Belly laughs: it was the summer of 2001 and at the same moment Juventus gave away Zidane and Inzaghi to take Buffon, Pavel Nedved and Thuram. Nostalgia rogue …

The first year of Pirlo at Milan is quite troubled because of the position of playmaker, which is closed by Rui Costa, but in the 2002-2003 season Carletto Ancelotti director reinvents him as regista of the midfield, and relieved from the task of covering and able to set up the game with his feet fey. This move will change his career (and perhaps also that of his coach). From then on only successes championship in 2004, two Champions League (ahinoi!) in 2003 and 2007, two European Super Cups in 2003 and 2007, a Club World Cup in 2007, an Italian Cup and Italian Super Cup in 2003 in 2004 . 

  And in all as a protagonist, 40 average games per year in 10 years. Even with the national team is was a predestined: with the Under-21 wins a European and one bronze Olympic becoming record man of appearances and the second record-scorer ever for the Azzurrini. In the senior team the mind can not but return to the heel of Dortmund with whom “Andrea da Brescia” released Grosso going to score the advantage goal in the semifinal against Germany.

A World Cup won masterfully orchestrating a national team of big champions in which there were 5 Juventini, and what Juventini. All the while the farce it was making the summer more despicable and shameful that Italian football memories. And from which we have not yet woken up. Andrea Pirlo is without a doubt the strongest regista in the world in the last 10 years: The finest in class, a millimeter passing in any part of the field and a great outside shot. One of the few players who alone has been running a team thanks to a technical ability and tactical discipline out of the ordinary.

It seems obvious that a player like that because of the class and winning mentality to be a luxury for the current Juventus. And to those who argue his age, Andrea he replies that the enforced rest of last season (due to injury) has lengthen his career. Indeed, if you think back to the two years of Alex Del Piero, post Capello, the reason could be the right one. If the player is healthy, have brought in a team that needs technical players like bread, on a free transfer you can reveal a great hit thanks to Marotta. But when I spoke about a controversial issue I was referring mainly to the physical conditions of Pirlo.

Why AC Milan, which historically to their champions also tend to keep them after 35 years if intact, lets go to his “ex” historic rival in Italy one of the best midfielders they have ever had, just at 32 years? Then there are the doubts related to the module of Conte, who has so far always used two midfielders of quantity in the middle of the field to balance the strong offensive attitude of the wingers. What to do with a regista?
I hope that the Captain knows how to set the team based on the players that he has, not only on a non-fossilized module, and go towards the idea of a three midfield (as seems to emerge from the transfer market for midfielders so far), even to allow Pirlo to take over the team. We should add that 4 million per year for a 32 are more then enough.

Of course, like all the Juventus fans, I hope that Pirlo is able to play as he knows, and especially hope that Marotta manages to build a team around the height of his class, also seeing the bankruptcy of the transfer market of last season, with many transfers of quantity, but very few of quality. That is just the first of few transfers, but for Juventus.

For the rest, dear Andrea, thinking of you when you were at ac milan, I think of great battles with victories and defeats: on all Manchester 2003 and the challenge title in Milan in 2005, in a fixed championship , according to some pretty misinformed people. A great opponent, one of the few I wanted on my team, the real one, the one that was destroyed unfairly by unscrupulous people. And, trust me, Andrea, is a great compliment. Welcome to Juventus

by: Vittorio Di Dodo -> ju29ro.com