Andrea Agnelli spoke in a conference at Bocconi (Italy) “We hope to have understood that we can return to compete internationally with the defeat in the final of the Champions League. There are times when it seems that you can lose the desire but no, we must start right from there . There are already six years since I am at Juve, any action taken in my club has to take into account the rules of financial fair play. It is up to those who manage the ability to combine the need to win and those of respecting the rules. “

Agnelli also analysed the years as president: “There been six intense years, the goal was to bring Juve to compete both nationally and internationally, to do this you need the human and financial resources, I had the luck to have met the managing director Giuseppe Marotta and with him Paratici and Nedved. “

On the European rivals: “The four European realities are Bayern, Real Madrid, Barcelona and United, other realities are difficult to analyze PSG and City whose developments are not entirely natural. The others are all two steps below. We have great ambition and the hard part will be that of the next five years, but we look forward with enthusiasm. “