Here’s how the President of Juventus, Andrea Agnelli commented on the number of Scudetti matter:

In the assembly of the League they spoke of fans. If we want to reward the merit, I agreeHowever, if we redistribute resources based on meritocracy, then you must also consider the history of the club. We have won 29 league titles, ac milan 18  and Inter we do not know  There is a reason why these three teams sum for 70% of the fansWe planned the budget, you can not change the cards on the table. 

and also

We have to decide where to go, what is the goal of Italian football? Pursuing excellence in Europe or remain more provincial? If you want excellence, we must allow the teams that usually make the European cups have the means to win. This is the only way to capture the interest of other markets. Once you have chosen the path of excellence, there will be created a league  more managerial. Which is, for example, our policy on foreign markets? We want the Chinese market but then we do not go there to play the Italian Super Cup or we go, as this year, for strength.  I understand that at a given moment of the season is also logistically difficult to plan a trip to Beijing, but … 

This is the President that we want….