MILANO, October 6, 2011 – UEFA has asked clarification from the Italian Football Federation to the exposed presented by Juventus signed by the president Andrea Agnelli, directed by Legal Advocate Michael Briamonte. They did so with a letter sent yesterday to Giancarlo Abete, the FIGC and all knowledge to Agnelli, signed by Pierre Cornu, the chief adviser for legal affairs and ethics. 

Francobollo. Juventus satisfied thinks: “Platini has also spent money for a Francobollo …”, after he told the Gazzetta ” Agnelli would have spared the Francobollo.” Juve wanted to bring the matter to the attention of the highest institutional levels and promote a media campaign. the first goal declare to Football Federation , “more of inter.” 

He knows that UEFA has no intention of entering into the internal affairs of one of its federation, but it is still interested to take shelter from any doubt that might involve teams entered the Champions League. The letter is considered “positive” from Juve, because “the UEFA asks Football Federation one answer point by point, and also gives the precise timing.” Andrea Agnelli last night, informally, in Rome did not hide his satisfaction: “The UEFA answer is a victory for us” And for Marotta: “It shows that the path is correct.” 

In order. The Football Federation immediately made clear that “Already the UEFA knows that everything has been done in the rules. We’ll demonstrate in detail. ” Abete is vice president of the international organization and even if he thought he had “proved it all” is “ready” to do it again. 

 source: La Gazzetta dello Sport 
 by: Antonello Capone 
adapted by: Mike Prise