NAPLES, November 6, 2011 – Juventus and Mazzarri. History of April. Delneri is shipwrecked on the bench for Juventus and begin to circulate the names of possible replacements. Among them is Mazzarri, the coach of Napoli probed by Paratici the Juventus manager who gives signals to De Laurentiis while waiting for what will be their meeting to plan the new league season. The reports are immediately stretched between the president and coach and De Laurentiis insists repeatedly that Mazzarri is under contract and does not intend to free him. 

The marriage at one point even threatened to end and we hear the names of possible substitutes on the Naples bench, first of all of Gasperini. Then the scene changes, Delneri reaches the end of the season on the Juventus bench but missed all the goals and Juventus definitely turn the page. But the road to get to Mazzarri is complicated, Agnelli puts aside all the other ideas (among many names are circulating that of Villas Boas, then landed at Chelsea) and points strongly on Antonio Conte, former captain of Juventus fans and a Juventus idol . 

Mazzarri, meanwhile, meets at Filmauro, in Rome, with De Laurentiis, the day after Juventus-Napoli and after five hours of conversation comes the confirmation of his relationship with Napoli. “Juve? I do not care, I do not care really. I think at the game and that’s it, ” said Mazzarri yesterday. Juve just an opponent, a special opponent only for past challenges and for the blue fans, so reminded the technician who made compliments to Conte. Water under the bridge for the Naples coach who lives at a crucial moment of the season, against Juve may be the game of the revival in the league. In Turin there is Conte first in the standings and Agnelli blesses his choice. 

source: Il Mattino by: Roberto Ventre 
adapted by:Mike Prise