ROME, August 21, 2012 – It’s a fiery sunset. 20 hours, turn off the sun and the smile of Conte. Last whistle of Palazzi, the coach stands up, turns his back and, with a gesture of annoyance, he goes. Almost furious for an undeserved defeat, unfair. Finishes his game in court, second leg of the 10 months out by the Disciplinary inflicted. Will not be exonerated, the heart has black and white with him, “Go Antonio, great coach, courage,” the screaming fans of twenty possessed. In Turin – has immediately returned last night to Marotta – him will spoil. In the end, they love him and will love him always, the Juventini, Antonio captain. 
NO PROTECTION – Better get behind another sad day. It started at lunchtime, Conte wanted to look into the eyes of the judges to the former Youth Hostel. 13.30, split: entrance from star in a sea of ​​mud, smile of impeccable Conte. And a blue shirt to look forward with optimism to the future. “I do not need  protection,” it feels and always feel innocent, Captain Antonio. Yesterday in court, the spotlight was all for him: Juve was even annoyed by the cameras pointed on the Juventus coach. There is little you can do, is Conte the King of the process. Alessio, the vice, sat at a distance: “On him there is nothing to say because he is paying only the fact of being the deputy,” the whispers of the closing arguments of the lawyer Chiappero. Conte was already on a rampage. 
THE CALM– Arms folded, in principle. And staring at the Federal Court of Justice. To defy his ominous fate. At 14 it was this the image of technical champion of Italy. Seraphic, calm. So the collapse to the first words of Palazi: SMS sent, squirming, drank even during the defense of others “condemned.” Struck by a few words. Bounced from his chair when the lawyer Vecchio whispered his name – and the “doubt pro Conte” – from the crime to exonerate the assisted Cassano. Conte erect then the antennas and nodded when the lawyer Rodella (for Vitiello), assured: “It’s false the technical meeting mentioned by Carobbio.” Was the heat of the big match. 
THE FURY – 18 Hours, Conte approaches the Court, opens the ears, there is the music of his lawyers. Gestures, parlotta constantly with those who are not committed to talk about his team. Defensive? Nah, the attack of Bongiorno and De Rensis, Antonio is proud of his lawyers to the most important challenge. Is winning, you read it in his eyes. Until then counterattack of Palazzi, who – despite everything – still believes in Carobbio. Conte struggles, he continually puts his hands before his face. Threatens with invasion of the field. He’s livid, unbuttons his cuffs, nods sarcastically. He’s a beast in front of the “insinuations” of pm of the balloon on his person. He slams his hands on the table, making the sign of OK. It is not yet ko. But now it is 20. It ‘s late and it’s almost dark. 
 Source: Il Corriere dello Sport (article by Abbate-Pinna) 
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