Should be 20 days or maybe something less Andrea Pirlo’s absence, a big loss because brescian midfielder represents creativity, genius, the play that will change the game as it was with Atalanta anyway a great option and essential in certain matches.

But the absence of Pirlo is also a great opportunity for this Juventus because we all know that the identity card of Andrea Pirlo now is a bit yellowed and don’t yet know how many years can do it, of course we all hope he can play as long as possible, but obviously no one is eternal and therefore also not even Andrea Pirlo can play forever, although it would be a dream of many fans and coaches.

We must begin to think about which may be the workarounds to Andrea just like in this situation when he cannot be present. Massimiliano Allegri and Juve must work in this direction and think about what may be the game options to replace the talented brescian, which also happened at the start of the season.

During these months in that position stood out, to say the least very well, Claudio Marchisio, who in the game with Borussia has played one of his best games alternating between showing quality, quantity and always present in all areas of the field. Of course Marchisio cannot guarantee the same quality of Pirlo, however can provide something more in terms of dynamism and presence in all areas of the pitch.

Moving Marchisio in that position requires necessarily the retreat of Vidal in his most congenial role that is in central midfield with insertion license, this one of the tactical options with Pereyra in the role of attacking midfielder.

The second option instead concerns the inclusion in midfield, with Stefano Sturaro with Vidal on the attacking midfield. The former Genoa, though, who has been working assiduously to understand what may be his present and his future to Juventus and if won’t play with Roma could find space with Fiorentina.

Study solutions for Allegri, with the regret of not having Pirlo but without the obligation to cry on it.

adapted an article of Massimo Pavan @tuttojuve