The transfer of Mario Mandzukic should not be underestimated. He will not be the attacker of front cover, but the Croatian is  a real offensive totem.

The striker of Atletico Madrid has performances of top as shown in both Germany and Spain. Juventus moved on a player who was followed for some time, since had faced Bayern Munchen. Back back then the price was a lot more and it was impossible to get him, but now it was all easier with fifteen million plus bonuses.

Mandzukic will be appreciated, he is not Tevez, but neither is Llorente, he is  a bomber with qualities of sacrifice.

Here are some numbers from his last seasons with Wolfsburg, Bayern and Atletico as well with his National team.

As you can see the Croatian scores mostly from inside the penalty area. Out of 81 goals only one goal is from outside area.

He has a great header. 38 goals (nearly 47%) come from his header, 33 goals with his right foot, 10 with his left.

The predominance of goals from inside the penalty area, as well as his ability with the header, making us understand how is an striker of the small area.

The average goals per game is good, between 50 and 60%.