In the “Quagliarella Case” there are alleged refusals, corporate strategies, bickering with agents. Interpretable Half-truths. There is only one net figure and objective: the numbers of Quaglia, with Conte.

In 2 ½ years of in the era Conte, Quagliarella has totaled 72 appearances, but for which, incredibly, only 6 for 90 minutes. Yes, you read that right: SIX.

In 72 appearances:
– 20 times he came on in the last minute of assault or results already acquired.
– 46 times, good Fabio was replaced. About an hour before returning on the hated bench.

Finally, in fact, only 6 times Quaglia began and ended a game. In 127 games of the era Conte. They are exactly 2 whole games per season.

In the first year with us Fabio comes from a World Cup-from almost the homeland-Savior , goals, assists twice touched in 45 ‘with the debacle in Slovakia, then great start with Del Neri: 9 goals in 16 matches, at par with Cavani who had replaced him at the beloved Naples.
Then, the fatal crack of 6 January 2011. Six months out, and six other bench with a Conte who legitimately leaves him aside.
In the summer of 2012 Quaglia is a separate house, we talk about Van Persie and Dzeko, but it will come nothing less than Bendtner.
Surprisingly Fabio is among wearers of the new jerseys (with thin patch) and you hear:
“Now I’m just the model.”
Starts the season, the second year of Conte with technical locked in the Sky Box.
Quaglia makes the first 3 between the bench and the stands, behind Mirko-Sheba, but also behind Matri Bendtner.
Then tastes the field with Chievo (09/16/12) :two goals, then the substitution …
Three days after Juve go to Stamford Bridge, is under 1-2 with the heroic goal from Vidal.
Fabio enters the 75th: goal 2-2 and volleys that caresses the cross bar for a sensational overtaking.

Reborn, ready to be the starter, in the next game (Fiorentina-Juve 0-0), the team suffers. Again, Quaglia is replaced after an hour. He returns to rotate: bench, stands, bench, stands, holder for an hour. In the next 7 games to collect 2 half-owner, then he remains to see the errors before the goal of the other 4 strikers, with Juve winning but who scores especially with the midfield. From the stands also assists to the miserable 1-1 at home home Nordsjaelland.
Returns to be holder only until late October (31.10.12) and promptly goal and assist against Bologna.
And, needless to say, right after the bench to watch the defeat at the hands of Inter at the Stadium.
The game after again holder with Pescara: a hat-trick.
But nothing to do, Conte borders him again to return to the bench with Nordsjaelland, only the last half hour for him, and look a bit ‘, scores again. 4 goals in two half games.
Quaglia looks again into the breach and starts owner with Lazio, but a SuperMarchetti twice denied him the goal and, again in the 60th, the usual the shame substitution despite the 0-0. Three days later he still takes his revenge against Chelsea, deflecting a shot into the goal from Pirlo for the crucial 1-0.

Hence the match against AC Milan.
Quagliarella is the absolute scorer of the Champions League with 3 goals in 120 minutes, and in A, is just back from 4 goals between Bologna, Pescara and Lazio. At that precise moment Fabio Quagliarella is number 1 in Europe and A for average goals / minutes. In front of everyone, Ronaldo, Messi, Aguero and Van Persie included.
Juventus at the San Siro plays badly and goes under for the peanltykick of armpit to Isla.
In the second half, however, the Bianconeri attack and Quaglia touches the goal. We are preparing to forcing a final against AC Milan in physical decline when, even before the fateful hour, after 57 minutes, good Angelo Alessio called the change indicated by Conte: Giovinco for Quagliarella!

Behold, at that time in the mind of Fabio passed 6 months of the crash, the triplets in the league, the wonderful goals at Chelsea, but especially the dozens of replacements suffered. When he realizes that he still called out, to make space not for Van Persie or Aguero, but Giovinco, he explodes. Not blatantly, throwing sweaters or jackets or sending to that country the coach (seen on other fields), but addressing a few words to Alessio, his mouth covered.
Human. Understandable. Forgivable.

Since then Fabio will make 22 more appearances in season, always pennies, scoring important goals. This year continues to rack up remnants of the game with goals in A and the Champions League.
But from that famous episode will play only 3 other whole games: the unnecessary and incredible final game in Genoa with Sampdoria (3-2) and the walkway of Italian Cup with Avellino (3-0).
Clearly scores, in both races.
He will not go in goal instead in his last, the sixth race of 90 °, also in the Italian Cup against Roma. It’s the only full match at Juventus where Quaglia does not score or is not decisive. The only.

Hopefully not the last game, because to do the mini-triplete, and then the trio of championships also serves him, the man who knows “only” to score.

by: Sandro Scarpa; from juventibus.com