Juventus during training session
Juventus during training session

Nine players have already crossed the line of 30 appearances. Bonucci has exceeded 3000 minutes on the pitch, Pogba, Chiellini, Marchisio and Buffon are just below. The average of goals conceded in the second half was up compared to the first days of 2014 (0.2 to 0.4), while the average center of gravity is decreased (54.2 m in 2014; 51.9 m in 2015). Allegri knows the data perfectly and him first – as told in recent days in the conference – is aware “that a few players are playing most of last season.” But the coach under the eyes also general statistics and is optimistic ahead of the German trip.

At Dortmund, Juventus thinks for a long time now and the bulk of the physical work was done in January and February using a calendar easier. “If we seemed less strong is because we loaded in a week,” admitted the coach after Chievo (1-0 win, January 25) and Udinese (0-0, 1 February). Without refueling, Juve aims to make the body insisting brilliant with attention to detail. And as always happens in moments of maximum psycho-physical effort (with many games and a few workouts), we focus mainly on two aspects: the recovery of energy and individualized work. A Vinovo are habits and these days it will be done better.

Under the magnifying glass will end up even more power, one of the aspects that usually affects the newly transferred. “We are followed by a phenomenon,” said last year Llorente to Spanish media. The nutritionist Pincella (the same of the singer Eros Ramazzotti, him too juventinissimo) calibrates in a painstaking the lunches in Vinovo of each player. These days will be asked to the team greater rigidity at the table even outside the sports center to facilitate the recovery of energy. Banned the fat and tear. Increase in carbohydrates (especially after games and heavier workouts) and vitamins, the latter through blended fruit and vegetables.

Pool and cryotherapy
In addition to custom workouts on the field and in the pool (exercises to relieve fatigue), Allegri and his staff also exploit other systems to increase the degrees of physical condition and decrease those of fatigue. One of these is the cryotherapy. Players immersed in a sort of cabin at -160 / -170 degrees. The ice machine, a practice that football has imported from rugby, helps speed the recovery and absorb faster bruises. It’s a methodology so dear also to the Ballon d’Or Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese phenomenon has even install a frozen tub in his luxurious villa in Madrid.

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