Morata after scoring Jin Juventus - Borussia

Time ago, I wrote an article in which, in a sense, canceling the myth of Conte the maniac of tactics that his magic wand “invents” football every Sunday, focusing instead on a basketball principle translated very dear to me and which I summarize some key phrases: “it’s all simply a discourse of execution.” “The execution is what makes an idea (any good idea) functional or less. It’s more HOW you follow, more than WHAT you follow “. “No matter what style, him (Conte) makes you do it well”. That’s why I’ve never been a fan of whom “with this module you don’t win”: it is almost never true.

What is true is that, if anything, to “PERFORM” well a schema, any schema, you need the right and suitable players. All the limits of the theory on practice we saw them, bullies and apparent, the challenge (especially the away game) against Bayern Munich, when – because of absence – we found ourselves with Quagliarella and Matri in attack and the two failed even once to “FOLLOW” the directives of Conte having no feet and capacity to do so at those levels.

A bad game also by the black and white coach just because claimed “too much” to his 11 on the pitch, asking them to “DO” something that were not objectively able to do against a team as strong and well organized. And were rumors (that Conte, in fact, much more of the fans, didn’t take itwell asking since then more and more and with greater insistence players able to make the most of his ideas).

Last evening, potentially, we could attend at a Bayern-2, or proposing again a game in which, sinning of realism, we could propose a game on suicidal game against a Borussia that although in crisis, it is unlikely that would’ve allow us to play like we usually do.

I believe we have seen Allegri (and on him I was among the most skeptical), “overcome” this mistake and propose a completely different Juve, a Juve which left he ball and game to the opponents to punish them exactly where suffered most: with the quick counter-attacks.

Bravo to him for having had the courage (since when we were not deliberately playing like this in Torino?), but – as mentioned – would not be enough the idea if it wouldn’t have been a player like Morata able to execute it to perfection.

For the first time in quite a few years, in fact, in the team we have an attacking player able to match racing and technique, fundamental characteristics for a counter-atack player. Without him, Allegri probably wouldn’t have chosen this way of playing. Without him, even if Allegri had chosen the card of playing that way, probably would have has a sterile result and wouldn’t have produced offensive danger.

Having a player like him, with his features, I think it is essential above all for Europe where, for choice (like yesterday) or greater skill of the opponents, it is not uncommon – compared to the Serie A – having to close more or to protect the result or being put under with the passes .

There were a number of years who wondered and yesterday, finally, we have seen, strongly and clearly, how much we missed it so far.

adapted an article of Antonio Corsa from