Mats Hummels is one of the most popular central defenders in the world. Just 26 years (very few for a stateddefender), physical, powerful in the air, excellent feet that make him an appreciated defensive director and finally – an element that a few stress out – a capacity well above average in the “marking”, a mixture of concentration and sense on the man that allow him to be very punctual in closures, especially on the crosses from the bottom and corner kicks.

Yet, the defects do not lack. The best known is the excessive confidence with his feet that often leads him to combine some “bonucciata” (that would be better defined “hummelsata“, as the vice of the German defender is much more frequent). And, from this point of view, the Juventus strikers will have to be very prepared to bring with offensive pressure and to take advantage of any burrs.
The other flaw of Hummels, the most egregious, yet never stressed by the observers, is the obvious embarrassment in managing the balls that bypass him, in situations of advanced defensive line: German defender is not only slow, very slow, but he manifests an obvious difficulty in reading those trajectories that is not capable of intercepting with the header. Difficulties which could be amplified by the presence in the field of a fast striker like Morata.

Is here, for Juventus, emerges the dilemma. The strategy game in which the Bianconeri will face Borussia is in fact obliged: try to keep the ball to win the opposing half, avoiding forced passes that can trigger the best weapon of the Germans, the counterattack. In this case we need a slow offensive transition that allows us to climb very compact. Yet, with a player like Hummels in the field, starting from the defense with some launches to bypass could be an important weapon at our disposal.

It is clear, when you search for this kind of play, most of the time – given the high degree of difficulty – you end up losing the ball and you have to start to run to retrieve it. But, before discarding the foot of the Conte verticalization from our memory, there is to think of it: because with Hummels we can always escape with the bang.

adapted an article of Giulio Gori from