Juventus and Roma have nine points difference, the distance between the teams is especially because of different attacking performance of the two teams. Juventus scored a total of 51 goals, best attack in Serie A, Roma with 37, sixth best attack in the League.

Of the 51 goals made, Juventus has scored 32 at home and 19 away from home, the Rome 23 home and 14 outside. At home Rome has the fourth offensive attack, Juve first. Lazio and Fiorentina away first, Roma 12th, Juventus second.

The offensive gap was created in the last six games, Juventus scored 13 goals, second best attack after Turin, Roma just six, 15th attack in the last six games.

At the goals level, the difference between the strikers is clear, Tevez 14 goals, Ljajic 8, after them all black-white scorers except for Totti with 5, to this Rome lacks a bomber.

The same goes for the shots with Tevez the best with 73 shots, then follows Nainggolan that beats all the giallorossi strikers. The best in assists is Pjanic who beat Tevez.

It is Tevez, so the great Juventus added value, (as we can see in an older Analysis ) in Roma Totti together with Ljajic is the most important player in the offensive zone.

The bianconeri rely to T factor, as Tevez. If he turns the whole Juve runs.

Here is the data on the individuals.


Tevez (JUVENTUS) 14
Ljajic (ROMA) 8
Alvaro Morata (JUVENTUS) 6
Pogba (JUVENTUS) 6
Arturo Vidal (JUVENTUS) 6
Fernando Llorente (JUVENTUS) 5

Totti (ROMA) 5


Tevez (JUVENTUS) 73
Nainggolan (ROME) 55
Pogba (JUVENTUS) 40
Ljajic (ROME) 38
Marchisio (JUVENTUS) 38
Totti (ROMA) 34
Fernando Llorente (JUVENTUS) 33


Pjanic (ROME) 45
Tevez (JUVENTUS) 38
Totti (ROMA) 33
Pirlo (JUVENTUS) 31
Pogba (JUVENTUS) 30
Ljajic (ROMA) 28
Arturo Vidal (JUVENTUS) 25

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        adapted an article of Massimo Pavan @tuttojuve