Juve is not Pirlo-dependent and is not even Tevez-dependent. With the landing of Massimiliano Allegri seemed these two simplifications could somehow be substituted, according to some schools of thought: from the lilting and mechanical imaginative game constructed by Antonio Conte to the offensive propulsion and more “vertical” of the livornian coach. From Pirlo-centric to Tevez-centric. It all seemed rather obvious, except to notice that despite the change on course of the game module the overall numbers do not change much compared to the previous management. The demands are different, however, there was to be expected, and especially in the “moves” of the attackers that much has changed.

Transferred on the entire field, Tevez would hold the balance, because it comes from the cliché of thought related to Allegri who coached Ibrahimovic and that the characteristics of the Swede had willingly agreed to comply with. It is not a thought totally inaccurate: the Apache is a footballer different from Ibra, and Allegri seems only to have changed perspective, adapting in part if not entirely to the main skills and the way to play of the Argentinian. Which are quite different.

The problem that emerges is therefore the same: it is worth it? Interpreting the words of the Juventus coach in a recent interview with Repubblica the answer is yes. With its consequences, even if of dependence at the time you can not talk. “The players come before the schemes”, this is the basic thought. Intelligent until you win, binding and risky when the results are binding. And is analyzing the sequence derby (won last minute of recovery), Atletico Madrid and Sampdoria (two draws without major upheavals), Cagliari finally you understand how much Allegri accounts on Tevez as a real crowbar of offensive maneuver.

Does not have carte blanche, but has not one specific task, indeed. This development is still in progress that explains why Conte’s Juve went according to memorized plays where Tevez was one of the performers, maybe the best, but still a box. Today, however, must change their way to play depending on the situation, of games, of his own sensitivity. There is a bit of all this, to be dosed carefully. And here the delegation, which is also a very strong sign of confidence. Allegri has so far been right, even Tevez (10 goals and 5 winning assists in the league only) was not that suddenly it was just to finish the attack in the dock. And that Tevez has not put on display certainly in this macro-period the best of his repertoire.

But let’s see how Tevez‘s interpretation changes:

Allegri asks Tevez to play on to the grenade defenders. A request characterized by the peculiarity of the three defense, therefore against a department that tends to lower center of balance and that does not calls man against man. Objective above all: do not leave evident numerical inferiority Llorente. Tevez then receives the ball very high, almost to the limit of the area, where he can work behind, dictate the banks, try combinations in the strait and shots off (will do it for 5 times despite only 33 balls touched). That of Juventus in practice is a true 4-3-1-2, with Vidal behind the strikers to strive even from third added striker.
Tevez moves in Juventus -Torino 2-1

Much has already spoken about this match. A match on the generis for the common goals of the two formations. Marchisio throws in the towel for the fever, and then in the position of midfielder raider goes there Pereyra with Vidal traditional midfielder. Tevez takes the Centre Left, probably in a much more backward than intended and prepared because of the very compact two lines of Simeone’s men. The Argentine ends up doing the natural second striker, facing the goal in a few dangerous areas. Then tries to help the team, which is missing, however, the rate of danger and a added terminal (here Llorente is left to his own fate, but struggling, and so there are almost never the banks to pick up and to attack the goal). With or without meaning, that of Juventus is a 4-3-2-1 with Pereyra on the center-right. Tevez goes to shoot on one occasion while tapping of 51 balls. As offensive director moves a lot but does not sting.
Tevez actions in Juve - Atletico 0-0

This time it’s up to Tevez partnering with Spanish Morata, more mobile than Llorente and therefore more willing to move accordingly to the choices of the former Manchester City. The Apache then really acts on the offensive front, with a center of balance of receiving lower than the match against Torino. Upfront can do pretty much what he wants, the agreement with Morata still seems rough, but this delegation produces much as long as Sampdoria do not make central density by calling 4-5-1. Tevez is working, runs like crazy, he wants the ball at his feet, but is not a leader in assists. That of Juventus is a 4-3-1-2 that forces Pereyra to jump in the space left at will by the Argentinian who tries often the center right to duet better with Vidal, the player to whom he feels more closely related. Touches 48 balls but concludes only three times, only one in the second half when the Bianconeri are apparently forcing.
Tevez in Juventus - Sampdoria 1-1


The match takes immediately the desired crease, among other with predatory goal of Tevez. The approach then becomes lighter jaunty, with Cagliari forced to open up and let marking (in the area) rather wide allowing a equally instinctive conduct to Apache. And therefore a Tevez all over the field, free crowbar to interpret the match, for the first time in recent times really incisive also in phase of also receiving assistance as a central terminal often also free to turn around at 16-20 meters (one of the conditions that more challenging opponents, especially in the international field, tend to grant with the dropper). The point then is that of Sant’Elia is a on-generis game, for what it’s worth three points this too. Tevez is decisive but actually manages 39 balls in 85 minutes and goes shooting only 2 times. Interpreting therefore more and more the role of attacker of maneuver.
Tevez in Cagliari Juventus 1-3

Those considering Tevez a finalizer are not wrong though by much. For this perhaps Allegri gets angry with the midfielders, asks assortment of positions but would not want to lose part of the killer-instinct of his World Class attacker: the intermediates should not have to stop, must have courage. In practice it must not happen that both Tevez does what is up to them to be doing. It is one thing to participate, and another take on too many stages at the expense of the goal-area. It’s still further individual evolution what the livornese coach is asking the Argentine, that is also to act as a keystone, also changing areas and tasks (minimum) from game to game. To do this and get the most on all fronts we do not only serves the leg, but also a team more confident in taking the field with handling the ball. At that Apache could continue to do what he does best: that is, to play and be decisive in the last 20 meters. And leave the rest to the right small doses of improvisation. Maybe already in the big match of Super Cup against Napoli.

adapted by Mike an article of Luca Momblano from juventibus.com