The Champions League is this. It is not a war of position, but of impetuous and unpredictable blitz. Flashes that pierce time and space. Juventus – Borussia is in this category of games. Rhythms that you are accessing in an amen, occasions raining suddenly. Allegri’s team is understanding this, that Europe is different, that the qualifications arrive with luck, the head and the strength in the transitions.

In the days leading up to this first leg we have almost forgotten that there is a return. The utopia of not taking a goal proved to be such. Football is episodic, Chiellini was unlucky. Juventus has prepared well by studying the weaknesses, evident, of Borussia. Granted them the ball, attacked the depth. Can do all this at a higher level. It must do it if wants to improve more and more. The wait was loud, unnerving, almost of a final. Performance anxiety captures all; also the public. Everyone has a Champions panic, as the various players. It is no case, it probably is not, that the best player was Morata, a boy raised where you can breathe at certain stages and are the normality.

This victory will hopefully take a bit of that fear. Juventus must play simple, but there’s nothing complicated about this. The defects we have seen them all, could not disappear with the greatest attention so that a game like this brings. There are two aspects, tactical, to work on: the pressure and offensive transitions. The pressing process arrived with a delay time, failing to recover more easily the ball. You can not leave Pirlo to protect the defense, and in fact with Marchisio was better. Serves to be more compact, as in the counterattack with more lucidity. In situations where gets back the ball Juve must restart quickly, occupy the spaces geometrically and better manage the last pass.

In Dortmund we start from zero to zero. Allegri’s team will have understood that the BVB you can hit without major problems and should not have any fear. We come out of the Stadium with the certainty we can play it. This was important, but to go through the next round, in addition to avoiding slips, will need a better physical condition (speech regarding especially the midfielders). The bet of the Juventus coach is to get there well.

The field, as always, will be the final and sole judge.

adapted an article of Davide Terruzzi of