The big question that everyone is having is what can Tomas Rincon bring to this Juventus?

Tomas Rincon joined Juventus at 28 years: in the midst of technical maturity, tactical and character of the career of a football player. With Genoa he played almost exclusively as a right central midfielder in the 3-4-3 and also in his previous experience in Europe – in Germany, in Hamburg – he had played in a midfield with two, often paired with the Florentine Badelj.

Here are 3 qualities that we should expect to get from the first Venezuelan in history to wear the Juventus shirt.

1) Agonistic impact on matches
Max Allegri is a coach who willingly exasperates the concept of “Halma” (calmness) , with the intent to instill self confidence and authority to his players, but the downside is often a general attitude of wait-and staid, if we exclude the bayonets ran from Mario Mandzukic or Stefano Sturaro. The hope is that Tomas will emphasize the ability to face up to the pressure of ball recovery, talent in which he excels, increasing physical and the personality of our midfield. Without forgetting that a pressure is effective only if you run it chorally, otherwise the only result is to create dangerous holes.

2) Adaptability
The ability to use Rincón in multiple roles is definitely another arrow in the quiver of alternative tactics of the team, which while was not missing. The most tantalizing hypothesis is the median at 2 (a situation he absolutely prefers ), with Rincón stuck under the ball line along with a companion more technically gifted like Marchisio, to enable the simultaneous deployment of more offensive talent. More realistic is his use as a midfielder in the diamond, the role that the Venezuelan has held sporadically.
Moreover, given the heavy absence of Dani Alves and the intolerance manifested by a Lichtsteiner now at the end of the cycle in his last appearances, the 11 appearances of Tomás as the right fullback in rossoblu appear a reliable refuge in case of need.

3) Gearshift
A talent far too appreciated by Allegri, who has repeatedly stated the concept of the 14 holders and raised often creative substitutions and glaring exclusions. The coach from Livorno will find in Rincón both the charisma and the humility that are required to those who are called to turn the pace of a game which is off the pace in the 60th minute, giving vertical aggressiveness and awakening from slumber, why not, even to his teamates.

If we talk about his scoring skills, you can not say that his three goals in Serie A are at all common, here is one of them against Napoli.

Another question to be answered is the following, Rincon’s transfer means also a yellow card for Lemina?

Lemina  must not have benefited for being sent off in the away game with Lyon at a crucial time of the season for the Bianconeri, nor the lackluster performance in the Super Cup.

For his part, Allegri had already expressed doubts about the young Gabonese: Lemina is not always connected mentally to the game, some of his works are too impulsive and instinctive.

Allegri declared to prefer Hernanes in front of the defense because the Brazilian prefers the interception compared to an intervention in tackle, and the former than the latter guarantees to his team the chance of a counter-attack.

In addition to having played in Serie A, Rincon is the captain of his national team and has accumulated through the international experience some ability in the management of the important moments of a game. From one point of view, Rincon offers more guarantees of Lemina when it matters most, when the going gets tough. And, for Juventus, the game will start making hard in the next few months.

The landing at Juventus of Tomás Rincón has caused mixed reactions in the fans: those who would have preferred a younger and more technical player, and who, like Allegri, believes him ideal to fill in the lack of aggressiveness in midfield.

Only the field will tell us the actual contribution to this Juventus team of the midfielder from San Cristobal.