This is a focus on Arturo Vidal. On how vital he is for Juve. To the naked eye, but also with the data in hand.

As a lover of the statistic, the Serie A chart of the last season recited for the tackles won per game stats: 1° Behrami e Vidal (4,9), 3° Allan (4,3), in front of eradicators of balls as Kucka (4.2), Perez (4,1) and Nainggolan (3.9).

In the Italian top division the contrasts have a higher frequency than that of any other tournament and in fact, in this event, the ranking of Serie A that reflects the EU one. Vidal was in fact ruler of the charts EU from the first year at Juve, as well the second year, precisely in cohabitation with Behrami (though played in a team with a lower percentage of possession but had a worse percentage of total tackles won ).

This year, the EU chart says: Allan 4.7, Vidal 4.5, Parolo 4.4, Baier-Magnanelli 4.3, Gabi 4.2, Leiva-Yacob 4.1, Gustavo-Behrami-Nainggolan 4. To understand this, one considered the dike and octopus for excellence, the excellent Strootman, has only 3.6 (30 °).

In fact, in a list of midfielders who win the duels, Vidal is the intruder, the only top player. It is no coincidence Allan, Baier, Behrami and almost all members have a beautiful ZERO to entry goals and assists, the neo-Giallorossi Nainggolan is limited to 2 goals (but 0 assists). The only Parolo (6 goals and 2 assists) stands out in what is probably the best season ever for him. A isolated boom, perhaps temporary.

Vidal instead has 8 goals (1 penalty) and 4 assists in Serie A. A Space Alien considering the combination with the number of tackles won. A player who picks up balls everywhere, strength and wins contrasts on every ball carrier, but also one of the best in the timing of inserting into the area, the coldness before the goal, participation in the maneuver. To be precise, the Chilean midfielder is the 2nd to the number of goals in EU behind Yaya Toure (10) and together with Ramsey (8). Finally, in key passes (passes that lead to the shooting) Vidal is a remarkable 1.9 per game. 15th overall in Serie A with a blow by specialists of the last pass as Pirlo, Alvarez (2) or Tevez (2,1).

In short. In addition to the visual experience of the ubiquity of Vidal, here is the quantitative data. Arturo is the only one in Europe (ergo: the world) who can dominate three years the ranking of contrasts won (with peace for the interesting Allan playing in a team with 10% possession less) and being, in same time the number 2 of midfielders bomber with very high averages of assists provided. The perfect numerical definition of the word “COMPLETE FOOTBALLER.” An attacking midfielder with deadly inserts, delicate feet, vision as a director and an artist of the tackles. One who if necessary is also that the central defender. Vidal is probably not the best Juve midfielder of all time, but it is certainly the most COMPLETE, unique in that.

With regard to the symbiosis (not to mention addictive) with Juve, not bore you with other information, but I make a simple little question: what were the worst games played by Juventus in Italy this year? My answer is: the derby, Chievo, 2nd time with Fiorentina. Here, in a battered derby Vidal has racked up a paltry 2 tackles (his 4.5 average) only 1 shot (his 2.3 average) and 0 key-passes (his average 1.9). While on the other hand, against Chievo and Fiorentina, Vidal numbers are as follows: 2 minutes and 13 minutes. It all comes back.

When there’s no Arturo Juventus does not lose a single man but at least three roles: the dike, midfielder and executor

by: Sandro Scarpa; source: