If Alex Sandro Lobo Silva would be a train would definitely be a Super Express, one of those who travel the Japanese Shinkasen rail line : extreme punctuality and reliability, supersonic speed, design and class to superfine levels. Verona also against the Brazilian has doth numbers classy combined with powerful runs, but also defensive diagonal and coverages that the less attentive thought it was his Achilles heel. We try to tell his game with numbers and statistics.


The heatmap of the game shows how the number 12 has dealt mainly with the half of the field of Verona, in a fairly obvious given the trend of the game without leaving  discovered his area of responsibility in the defensive phase. Game statistics emphasize the goodness of defensive test offered by the Brazilian: 6 duels won out of 10, 3 of 3 defensive tackle gone well, 6 recovered balls (more than all other players) 2 rejected and 4 interceptions all behind the his own penalty area, with only 2 fouls committed.

Having said about dirty work, we go to the most exciting: in attack Alex Sandro, fastest player in the field with a peak of 33.4 km / h, was practically impregnable, forcing Wszolek and Bianchetti to recoil systematically to curb him and Pogba , but not exceed, as evidenced by two successful dribbling on 2 tempted (third on the list behind Pogba and Dybala). Less accurate than usual in the cross, only one succeeded on 5 attempts, the full-back has still created two chances and kicked once toward the goal, a shot that went off a little to the left of the goal defended by Gollini.

Fullback, wing,  but also High quality midfielder, as evidenced by the excellent percentages in handling the ball: to surprise is not so much in any case the 83% of total managed passes (29 of 35, in line with the rest of the team), but the 72.4% of successful passes in the opposition half, with almost a passage of 2 directed forward, averaged as a director rather than a defensive fullback.

Defense, handling, speed and incisiveness; 26 million euro are starting to seem few.

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