When you spend a lot, increases the risk of rip off. When you spend little there are many more possibilities of the bang. It could be stated as “The paradox of Marotta” who finds demonstration in the list of the most expensive purchases (which appear Krasic, Martinez and Isla: 41 million in three) and in one of the most successful business (Pirlo, Pogba and Barzagli: 1 million and a half in three). In the era of Andrea Agnelli, Juventus fans have seen often spilling the relationship between the price and the quality of the player.

Who expected, for example, that Arturo Vidal, Bayer Leverkusen midfielder, paid 10 million (plus 2 bonus) proves to be a champion of world-class, tripling its value over the same number of seasons for Juventus? And, as if they have spoke really well from the early days, no Juventus fan could have hoped that Paul Pogba became the most precious jewel of the market. And the three hundred thousand euro spent on Andrea Barzagli? The best money spend by millions of Bianconeri fans was in the Florence central defender have found the best anxiolytic defender on the market.
With that money, sometimes, you do not buy even a Primavera. Of course, do not always go that way, because the second most expensive player in the last five years is Carlitos Tevez that between bonuses and agent exceeds 19 million, but it is hard to dispute every single penny paid to secure the services of Apache.

The strangers
It is certainly interesting to scroll through the thick lists of the five markets of Marotta. In some ways also instructive. Because the chronicles of the market chase in such a bit breathless way the facts and rumors, give news of the most outstanding purchases and sales , but end up getting lost dozens of small operations, which – in the case of Juventus – do not represent a negligible slice in the budget. Young and very young players take up much space in the operations and Juventus in the last five years “cost” a figure of around € 25 million, some of which are for players who are missing (or not yet appeared) on the radar screens of major football, others bargaining chips that have oiled other business.
Juventus, at the moment, controls sixty players, the majority of which is only a mere economic investment and non-technical: “men to gain” to use a brutal definition, but realistic. Obscure names even to the most maniacal fans, sometimes never even passed through Turin. It ‘a precise policy, that of Marotta and Paratici which in their rake the youth market can catch Pogba and Coman, but also Belfasti or Gallinetta and circulate the Sorensen or Bouy. It is the less glamorous side of the Juventus market , but has an impact. It deserves to be better explored, not only at the level of the budget, but more properly also from the point of football .

Quote 383
But the small and medium-sized operations with the youth are lost in the ocean of the great investment. Purchases that, over the last five years have cost a total of € 383 million, partially offset by 180 million received from the sale: a skewed balance of 200 million, but on which should be placed as a counterweight three league titles and two Italian Super Cups. Who wins spends (but who spends not necessarily wins). And if the money spent in the last five years have been invested good or bad is hard to say.
Without a doubt: 12 million Jorge Martinez (perhaps the icon of the marottiano flop) and 14.5 wasted for Isla (not entirely) , but although we can argue endlessly about each transaction, it can be said that on 36 “main” operations: a third disappoint expectations, another third has respected it and third went even slightly beyond. Everyone can decide how to divide the three groups depending on tastes and different parameters.

adapted by Mike source tuttosport