This War is still to be decided…..
(…) Going beyond what I referred earlier is to offer you the reading of the game from a friendly e-mail addressed to me by a real coach. A technician who has won something and who knows what it means to seek the lucid analysis also in the general battle. A loyal person, above all, is sincere. A professional in the heart even before the head. Certainly, I certify, not a Juventus fan. (…) Here is the text found in my inbox. 

He would have done better with the eleven that was given during the week. He says “the boys are not used to these kind of games,” for now as a coach not even him is! 
He got frightened: started with bold ideas and succumbed to the fear. 
Milan more determined in the first half, found the goal, doubled only free-kick … Buffon saves, zero. 
With the 4-3-3, Juve is more logical, more dangerous. 

From 65′, AC Milan fatigues a lot to get out of its half, (with Van Bommel you can not!), Muntari with cramps in 70′, cooked. 
For the diamond deployment, you go in difficulty on the wings if the opponent full-back attacks. 
Juve: Miracle on Quagliarella from cross of wrapping action. pepe with Lichtsteiner put in 3 to 4 dangerous cross, valid goal of Matri canceled. 
I say (there are witnesses): strengthen the midfield! 
He put in Ambrosini. A minute passed, change made. Ok. 
You are in the eightieth minute! 
How can you not get to a 4 in midfield? 
Remove Muntari, you move Emanuelson to the left (logical choice, since Muntari no longer could do it); if you leave Muntari, put him to double on Pepe
DOUBLE THE WINGS, you do not read the game??! 
Juve is attacking you there. 
But you want to mark Pirlo? El Shaarawy on man! 
Remaining ten minutes. Defend with your teeth! 

AC Milan the boss for 65′, Buffon zero saves (or rather two on the action of non-goal). Juve most dangerous (do not forget the parade of Abbiati on Estigaribbia by tipping in front). 
A rightful Draw. If Conte plays 3 from 3 wins the Scudetto, otherwise the title remains in the balance. 
I’ll leave you with the declaration of Cavani after Chelsea: “doesn’t matter who deserves to win, matters who has materialized the opportunities it has create. “
Only losers blame the referee or linesman. 

extracted from an article of Luca Fausto Momblano; 
adapted by: Mike Prise