TURIN, December 29, 2011 – For five months, mainly out of team, Amauri Carvalho de Oliveira, 31, Juventus striker (with the Primavera), was discovered the Sunday seats : that is, games just in front of the TV . Comes from a pizza and cinema, a funfair for children. “He was not part of the project,” explained the company, and from then on, the player refused any move. He has another version, and now only one certainty: “In January I will return to play.” 

Amauri, why you’ve said no also to Genoa? 
“It is not true.” 

Can you explain? 
“They have made an interesting proposal, and that is a square that I like. I’ll talk to my agent. ” 

It seems Gilardino have blown the place: what will you do? 
“I know nothing. But I know that in recent weeks came offers from Italy and abroad. One thing is certain: in January I’m going to play. ” 

You could have done it in August, but you refused, why? 
“In the end, who wanted me, did not give me what it was treated and spoken.” 

Question of money? 
“No, more like the length of the contract. At age 31, is the last of life, and I asked for a three-year, partly because I think three seasons at a high level I am being able to do. In Parma, I have shown that. ” 

Juve will let you go? 
“So they say.” 

“Somehow we must resolve this situation. Moreover, so far I’ve always been quiet, I never messed up, and I trained. With the boys of Primavera, beautiful, and their coach Baroni, but it was not easy. Indeed, it was a really heavy period. ” 

Are you willing to leave the country? 
“Yes, and I got a few calls. Although I would prefer to stay in Italy: if you go away, get out a little of the loop. The National team is the dream. ” 

What do you do on Sunday? 
“I’m with my children, Cindy, who has ten years, and Hugo Leonardo, who will be five in January. Pizza and cinema, the last time with the kids to see “Puss in Boots”. And then on the couch watching TV, to watch the games. Strange Sunday, when more than ten years you are used to trainings and stadiums. ” 

Do you check out Juve? 
“Of course. Not all, but many I’ve seen. ” 

 Do you Owl? (smiles). 
“Never did. There are guys I’ve known for years and the relationship with them has been great. I’m happy when they win: They’re doing a great championship. ” 

Do you have any regret? 
“Two. The countercheck is not there, but I’m sure this team, with a coach who has changed almost everything, including the heavy air that was there before, I’d be doing well too. I’d give a hand. ” 

The second? 
“Haven’t played with Andrea Pirlo, the key transfer, the player who has put in place the team. I could have done a lot of goals. I hope to find him in blue. ”  

Juventus is the strongest? 
“Since I’ve been here, no. The most desirous and angry, yes. But the strongest was that of my first year in Turin, with crazy players : Nedved, Trezeguet, Del Piero, who was like a train. ” 

What do you miss most? 
“Playing, of course. And then the words of my children, that when I came home from the games I said, “Well done Dad, you see that you are strong? ‘”. 

Now what do they say? 
“They wonder why I’m not going to play at the stadium, even though I explained to them how unfortunately things are.” 

Why should a team buy you? 
“If it’s a deal they will say in the end, but it certainly would have an angry player and with the desire to recover five months without challenges.”

Ever thought about giving up? 
“Of course. Several times I said to myself: “What matters to me. I close my cabin and I go away. But then I never did because I am a stubborn guy. And then, I know, a super-privileged, compared to all persons without their work.”  

Who saved you? 
“The Family. My wife and children. After a while, they said, “Dad, but it is nice to have you home on Sunday. ‘” 

 source: La Stampa; by: Massimiliano Nerozzi 
adapted by: Mike Prise