Juventus has decided: Felipe Melo is not within the club’s plans and will be sold. Buyers would be the most reliable Corinthians, Galatasaray and PSG. The same player has accepted the transfer, particularly in the Brazilian club, but also other chances not been definitively ruled out. Melo, who was acquired in 2009 for 25 million, more than technical deficiencies pays of character misunderstandings that now prevent him from staying at Juventus.

As Amauri, therefore, Melo will not be part of the Juventus expedition in the United States: for both the selling is now a matter of hours.

Meanwhile, yesterday in Bardonecchia was the turn of Del Piero, leading to the Summer Village:

“It is the 19th year in black and white – Alex smiled – and some of the guys who are training with me could be my children.”

Thinks also to the National team where, at precise question, devotes a few words to Prandelli:

“I am glad that he mentioned me and Totti, the coach is a person who can appreciate and evaluate what he sees on the field. Will be able to evaluate also what he will see this season”

Ovation. In the end, points the camera towards the fans:

“Smile, I will put you on Facebook”.