I am still the same guy who put Juve back to First Place. I’ll put Juve Back to First Place!
Nobody touches Antonio Conte. He is the symbol of this Juventus and anyone who will criticize him for the yesterday statements will have to give explanation and we will be the first to emphasize this fight for the Juventus coach. We are on the side of Mister Conte 100% for many reasons. First: because what he said yesterday is also what 99.9% of black-white fans think that “bluntly” as some would say, is that Juventus pay for the media pressure post Farsopoli , the same pressure that has sent in serie B, a team that was innocent. 

Reading here and there we came in the “site of pundits” who has accused this week of misinformation. The same site that prevents the publication of the reasons of calciopoli because then should apologize for telling “tall tales for years” to his readers. We do not nominate it for not advertise this site, let’s just say that avoids making references to Farsopoli and Conte

First, because it has nothing to do and Juventus supporters are proud of Juventus pre Farsopoli and will always be proud because Juve was always stronger than all his opponents on the field and not outside. Second, because who says that Conte complains from the first day ago does misinformation and disinformation is not true as alleged that flaunting the four winds. So beware that we are vigilant, because even if we do not respond we always look at all and we’ll be ready always to defend Conte and Juventus, because for too long, and it’s time to end it, Juventus suffered on and off the field and pay for sins not theirs. 

source: tuttojuve.com adapted by: Mike Prise