Juventus have solved their co-ownership going to envelopes only for the Swede Ekdal who was “snatched from Bologna (the protagonist of a glaring error that has seen the Bolognese lose also goalkeeper Viviano).

Among the players in co-ownership who return to Turin is Almiron after the season that saw him relegated in Serie B with Bari. Hard that the former Empoli player remains under the command of Antonio Conte also given the abundance of midfielders in Juventus home.
The likely destination for Almiron seems to be equally bianconera, to follow him is  Siena who can count on good terms with Juve and is strengthening its median department.
Siena became the owner of  the entire card of Michele Paolucci, who after promising seasons of Juventus primavera  will hardly return to the old lady.

They say farewell to Juventus in a manner likely to be definitive also Lanzafame and Palladino. Were rumors in recent weeks as they thought Conte could  consider them as a viable alternative on the wingers of his offensive team, and keep them in the team, of all hypotheses rejected by the facts, Lanzafame said that it was not yet ready for such a big team like Juventus, Palladino has however never  shown to be able to play at high levels and with a certain continuity in Serie A.

Lanzafame is in effect a player of Palermo, with the Rosanero which in turn seem to want to sell him.

Palladino becomes a 100% of Parma where he would rather stay and play more with Giovinco  who belongs half  to Juventus instead.

by: Fabrizio Lo Gerfo
adapted by: Mike Prise