Massimiliano Allegri during Italian Super Cup 2014 - Foto @LaPresse
Massimiliano Allegri during Italian Super Cup 2014 – Foto @LaPresse

If Juventus will win this championship will not be firm but will be a result four times more important than previous victories, because it is increasingly difficult to confirm the previous year.

When someone evaluates the results as the result of the inconsistency of the adversaries perhaps forget the fact that this team at the end of last season was given as “almost over” as many players were given as the end of their Juventus experience and was evoked a major restructuring by point of view of the rose even for seven or eight elements.

Instead, Massimiliano Allegri has managed to keep focused with a first part of the season certainly at a very high profile and a second half of containment but also management because when you are doing so many competitions and to fight on several fronts, the goal is get to the bottom, if possible, to all and not win big one and give up the other.

To date, we can not do but to congratulate Massimiliano Allegri for what he is doing, hoping that he can get to reach the Championship goal and can go further in the Champions League, competition which also saw an improvement from last year as well as in the Italian Cup.

Earlier this season there was talk of Juventus as a team with the technical change started at a disadvantage compared to competitors and we thought it was also a lawful assessment due to the fact that the preparation was not done in the best possible of the situation linked to the resignation of Antonio Conte.

Now, frankly, thinking that the fourth consecutive title is something owed, something simple, something automatic is incorrect and should be re-evaluated in a sense that the work of this team for the fourth consecutive year with a different coach, with different methods and even with some different players have been able to maintain high concentration, motivation, desire to win and this is the aspect that has to make a lot of people reflect because other strong teams were not able to maintain the same level of the past year and have indeed worsened their performance. Recognize the righteous merits, without excessive praise would be a just reward for what has been done until now.

adapted an article of Massimo Pavan